CBD Oil For Weight Loss: Does Cannabidiols Speed Up Metabolism & Burns Body Fat

11:09 am EST 12/23/2020

Cannabidiol is a perfect package: It is a non-psychoactive compound which boasts of antioxidant properties coupled with anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties. The fad around this phenomenon is that it is helping its users lose weight in a dramatic manner. Read on to know if Cannabidiols can speed up metabolism and burn body fat effectively.

How Does CBD Help Symptoms Of Obesity?

It speeds up the endocannabinoid system of the body, which controls the anabolic and catabolic processes of the body.
It boosts the metabolism rates and enhances the elimination of toxins from the body, thus promoting the process of losing weight.

Most importantly, it helps to break away from the plateau every person stumbles across where no amount of diet or increased exercise seems to be lowering the weight. Cannabidiols helps to overcome this lull in the weight reduction regimen pretty quickly.

Users also reported lower insulin levels which mean you can eat more calories yet do not gain any extra baggage. You also have less chances of getting obese.

Uses Of CBD Oil And Recommended Dosage

Cannabidiol by itself is not a cure for any disease. However, it is used along with weight reduction regimes in a recommended dosage to supplement and enhance the treatment for the patient. Thus along with helping in reducing weight, other uses of this wonder extract oil are:

Muscle Relaxant – used by patients suffering from muscular and vascular inflammation. It can help you relax after the heavy workout sessions.
Anti-depressant- despite being a non-psychoactive substance, it is being used as a popular remedy for patients with depression. Depression also causes overeating, and addressing this factor can lower the weight of a person.

For arthritis – It plays on the immune system modulation and is therefore very easily used for autoimmune conditions like arthritis.

For Multiple Sclerosis – Cannabidiol is known to reduce the neuropathic pain, muscle spasms and increases the relaxed state of the patient, thereby allowing him to rest better.

For Psoriasis – by controlling the rapid production of keratinocytes, i.e. the skin cells, it helps the patients suffering from psoriasis.

Cannabidiol is known to have no major side effects even in higher dosages. You can begin with a dose of 20 mg per day and continue it 3-4 times a week. Gradually you can increase the intake with consultation with an expert.

Scientific Research

Scientific Research

There have been many favourable researches, including Koreaís, published in the Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Journal. It is said to be a phenomenal breakthrough in weight loss via medication particularly for the morbidly obese people. There has been a popular reception of Cannabidiols, and its lack of any drastic side effects has further boosted its popularity.

In the study, CBD oil was found to achieve the following results:

It stimulated the genes and proteins responsible for the oxidation and breakdown of fat.
It enhanced the calorie burning capacity of the body
Decreased the rate of fat cell generation


A user reported to lose 50 pounds in three months (90 days) by using a certain brand of CBD oil. The rate will also depend on your physical conditions. Another user on Quora stated that they had lost 37 lbs, all of which was fat according to their body fat percentage measurement. You will begin to see the effects within 2 ñ 3 weeks of starting your dose. Patients had also expressed satisfaction and reduction in fat when they started this alternative treatment. They have also been able to maintain a healthy weight with regular use of this oil.