CBD Oil For Athletes – Is It An Athletic Supplement?

10:49 am EST 12/23/2020


When we talk about cannabis, there comes a strong concern which its addiction properties; whether it makes you high or not. If we go according to the classification of cannabis, we find two major compounds that are currently being used in drug and health services. The first one is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the component that is responsible for the psycho-active stuff that might happen to you. On the other hand, is Cannabidiol (CBD). This is the content that does not alter consciousness. CBD Hemp oil is a processed form of cannabis which is extracted from those variants that are high in CBD and very low in THC. It thus allows you to take benefit from the pain-killing and neuro-protective part of cannabis, while simultaneously avoiding getting high.


Given the current status of CBD in our society, many people are using it to benefit from its effect on the medical diseases. A few conditions that are treated by CBD are listed below:

  1. Parkinsonís Disease
  2. Chronic Pain
  3. Neurological Disorders
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. Breast Cancer
  7. Migraine

Following are the different aspects of CBD as an athletic supplement:


You have seen and experienced that after you get done with your workout, you feel tired and sore. Your whole body gets in a state of shut down due to the undergoing effects of workout. Whatís happening beneath your skin is that your muscles which you have just been used vigorously have undergone some damage. The inflammatory markers and cascades have just been activated and you will now start to feel the pain and soreness. This is the point where you might require the use of CBD.



CBD has shown to work in coordination with your bodily systems to regulate many processes. It also works in favor of your workout. Letís get to know how it does this.

CBD has shown to work in coordination with your bodily systems to regulate many processes. It also works in favor of your workout. Letís get to know how it does this.

Anti-Inflammatory: CBD works with the endocannabinoid system of your body which basically regulates the inner balance and make your enzymes and proteins work for an active process. When you consume CBD, it helps to reduce the inflammatory process so that lesser inflammation will cause lesser damage.

Analgesic: CBD is an active analgesic proven by many researches. It blocks the pain signaling pathway thus regulating the pain signals. This will help you to feel less painful after a good amount of workout.

Sleep and relaxation: CBD has shown to provide amazing results in helping you relax and sleep well. When you sleep well, your body gets prepared for the next task. This helps you in being a good athlete. Reduction of muscle spasm: when we workout for a good amount of time, we sometimes tend to create a spasm in our muscles, which leads to reduced activity. CBD has known anti-spasmodic activities which help you to get rid of spasms after your workout.

Protection of organs: CBD is known to reduce inflammation and provide necessary protection to organs like heart, lung etc. It also has some neuro-protective effects as well.

Helps you tone your body: for many of us who are bulking up with obesity and mass, we definitely would want our body to get toned. For this purpose CBD oil is really useful as it helps to make your body lean within the safe range.



We have known this for decades that we could bulk up if we use anabolic agents. However, according to many trainers, you are likely to boost up and bulk more mass if you are taking anti-catabolic agents rather than the anabolic ones for they will help you to gain more mass within lesser time. One such anti-catabolic agent is CBD that will show you great benefit.


As we have read above, CBD will always help you out after your workout because it is a strong anti-inflammatory as well as a strong analgesic. This will help to repair your damage in a greater pace than other agents.


As far as the pain killing effect of CBD is considered, there are many muscle rubs available in the market with extreme potency as an analgesic. Just apply it to the affected area and it will start repairing your soreness.


With strong known effects of CBD on our endocannabinoidal system and its association with it, CBD tends to stand out in terms of being an athletic supplement.